City for all

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Reduce rents! Stop displacement!

Impossible to find an affordable place to live?
Residential containers at the edge of town?
No room for self-organized culture in Prussian Disneyland?

On 13.06.2015 we walk the streets together for affordable housing in a lively city. We stand against exclusion and repression. The city belongs to us all!
The accommodation of people in residential containers is the sad low point in years of antisocial housing policies in the interest of profit. There are more and more luxury castles and less affordable living space. Soon our work salaries won’t pay for anything more than our rents. Those who don’t keep up will have to move away. We need a radical shift in housing policy. Therefore we take it to the streets and fight together—refugees, newcomers, natives, old and young, families, unemployed and employed—for a vibrant and supportive city.

Living space is essential and not a commodity!
We call for:

  • New residential construction of the “Pro Potsdam” only with affordable rents
  • Tailored modernization instead of luxury renovation
  • No government subsidies for expensive apartments
  • Creating homes for Refugees! Not containers!
  • Not one cent more for the transformation of downtown Potsdam into the baroque luxury quarter
  • Income-based rent price reduction
  • Coverage of all housing costs for financially needy—regardless of residential location and origin
  • Housing corporations ought to be put under the democratic control of tenants
  • Houses to those, who live in them!

The city belongs to us all—diversity instead of repression and exclusion!
We call for:

  • Welcoming culture: Stop deportations—right of residence for all
  • Dispose of special laws for migrants: unbureaucratic health care and work permit for all
  • No demolition of the Fachhochschule and the Rechenzentrum: preservation and creation of self-organized cultural centers and public meeting spaces without economic, bureaucratic and racist barriers

Demonstration am 15.09.2017